Scripts are essential for scraping data. Our community is where members share the scripts they have developed, so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can effortlessly perform a web scraping command at the push of a button.

The standard OsiScraper license grants you automatic access to this community of users with varying levels of experience. Some members love to come up with highly advanced scripts which you can store on your own computer at no extra cost – thereby offering you access to the most advanced scripts in a short time. Our members are also happy to offer support in case you get stuck, or if you need help finding the right elements.

To encourage the development of these scripts, rewards are offered to members who create good and complex scripts. This way, as a user, you know that hard work is rewarded.

Simply store the scripts on your own computer and click ‘Start Scrape’ to begin data extraction.

Want to improve your advanced script creation skills? Take part in one of our training courses. No specific prior knowledge is required.