What is web scraping?

Web scraping is a technique in which software is used to extract, store and analyze information from web pages. Scraping focuses on the conversion of unstructured data (usually in HTML format) into structured data that can be stored and analyzed in local databases, Excel, CSV, SQL, or other types of files. Web scraping makes it possible to extract, standardize and store information such as text, URLs and images from web pages. 

Web scraping with OsiScraper® can save you a lot of time and also allows you to better analyze the data. This is because OsiScraper® contains all the functions to make the most advanced scrapes in a simple way. Even people without experience can use this handy tool. In addition, with a paid subscription you get access to the Community

The possibilities are endless, but via the home page you can see some examples per profession. 

With us you pay a small amount for a license, but you do not pay with your data. Privacy is something we value very much and which is always at the center of the development of this application. 

The application runs entirely on your own computer (stand-alone). As a result, the data you have scraped remains confidential.